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Please note that all testimonials have been included here and on the home page unedited, they are reproduced exactly as they have been written.

Testimonial October 2009 - Under-active Thyroid

I approached Janine initially as a last resort. I had been suffering from under-active thyroid for several years, my medication dosage increased year on year, but the symptoms remained. The blood tests I had been having regularly showed all levels to be within the normal range, but were still not stable. Because the "normal levels" existed the doctors put most of my symptoms down to lifestyle.

Janine was incredibly sympathetic and understanding and listened to all I told her on my first visit. She told me what she had picked up after the consultation and was very honest, telling me it may take many visits before I noticed the changes as the symptoms had been there for several years.

Testimonial September 2009 - Severe Stomach Pain

Hi Janine

I just thought that I would write to tell you that despite practising reflexology for many years it's healing powers never cease to amaze me!
As you know I left you this morning with some considerable stomach pain. This got worse for about 15 minutes and then it went.
I'm at home now feeling great and have enjoyed a light lunch.
The only problem remaining is the memory which is why I'm writing to tell you now as I'll probably have forgotten by my next appointment!

Testimonial September 2009 - Anxiety

The ultimate professional, Jan is more than 'just' a reflexologist.
She has a gift for healing, is highly intuitive and gives 101% of her care and attention.

Testimonial August 2009 - Through IVF, Pregnancy & Preparation for Labour

Testimonial for Janine Young - August 2009

It is an absolute pleasure writing a testimonial for Janine

I'd read articles about how reflexology had helped couples who needed fertility treatment and I was on the waiting list to start IVF/ICSI (for my first child).

I got in touch with Janine, who I found to be extremely professional, yet warm, kind and understanding, and arranged my first treatment.

Fertility treatment can be quite demanding both physically and emotionally and is a step by step process in which you can only progress once you've achieved the previous stage.
Not only did Janine make me feel relaxed and able to talk to her but I progressed to each stage as necessary.
I continued with reflexology until just after my embryos were implanted and was then thrilled to discover(after that dreadful two week wait) that I was pregnant!
Janine was one of the first people I told.

Towards the end of the pregnancy (approx 32 weeks) I started having reflexology on a weekly basis to prepare for the labour and birth.
As well as the actual reflexology, Janine helped me practise breathing exercises to use during labour.
My labour and birth was a total of 14 hours(the 'pushing part', 15 mins)
and I managed the pain using my breathing exercises and a TENS machine.

Reflexology itself is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone but especially those who are contemplating fertility treatment.

I honestly believe that without it I wouldn't have got pregnant, had a relatively pain free and quick labour and subsequently a beautiful baby daughter.

I cannot thank Janine enough for everything she did for me and I will be forever grateful to her.

Testimonial July 2009 - To Induce Labour

Hello Janine, guess what, I had my baby last night. Thank you for my reflexology, I'm sure it brought it on. It was a quick but intense labour. I had no stitches. Thank you again, we are over the moon.

Testimonial March 2009 - Stress

I would definitely recommend reflexology for anyone who is going through a stressful time. Whilst the stress doesn't go way, having treatment does help you cope with it better.
I had a particularly stressful year last year and I found that my regular treatments helped keep my stress levels in check.

Testimonial February 2009 - Pregnancy

To Janine
Thank you very much for all the support over the past 9 months. Just thought I would let you know baby and I are doing really well. I have a content little baby thanks to your hard work.

Testimonial August 2008 - Pregnancy & Constipation

Reflexology has made an incredible difference to a life-long sufferance of constipation. After just 2 sessions the results were brilliant. I was delighted to have found a natural remedy after having tried so many different medicines. Not only that but when my new born baby was suffering with colic we massaged his tiny feet using reflexology techniques, and I'm sure it made a difference!

Testimonial August 2008 - Ankle Oedema

Janine Young is the most proficient reflexologist I have experienced. She is extremely well qualified and works in a warm, caring and professional manner.
Janine uses her expertise with confidence and the room in which she works radiates a sense of peace and calm totally apposite to the healing process.

My initial reason for visiting Janine was to seek help for an ongoing foot and ankle problem for which other forms of intervention including allopathic, acupuncture, massage etc had made no appreciable difference and now after several weekly visits the original distortion and discomfort are almost completely gone.

In addition to the amazing results on my left foot and ankle I have also been aware of other changes which have taken place over the weeks. For example my eye-sight, which has always been pretty good, is even better. I no longer need to wear spectacles for either reading or using my computer. I find I am sleeping more soundly and generally I feel more energetic and less stressed.

I choose to continue visiting Janine on a weekly basis and anticipate continuing to do so for as long as I feel the enormous benefit of the sessions. Janine's welcome is second to none. I experience her as deeply interested in me and in whatever I choose to share with her. She offers her support in a totally unobtrusive manner and I feel genuinely cherished and respected by her.

I have already recommended Janine to others who I feel will benefit from her expertise and so far no-one has been disappointed.

I highly recommend her.

Testimonial June 2008 - Anxiety

I am a qualified reflexologist, and in January of this year sought help for myself as I was suffering from anxiety. I found Janine very calming and reassuring a quality I offer but have in the past failed to get from other therapists. I am glad to say I am well on the road to recovering my own well being. A part of that is due to Janine and her expertise, knowing I was in safe hands has been marvellous. I would thoroughly recommend Janine to all therapists out there, which is surely praise indeed.
A big thank you for your healing hands and an understanding ear.

Testimonial June 2008 - Stress

I first decided to see Janine as I was suffering work related stress. After about four treatments the positive effects were really noticeable, all the same issues were there but I felt far less stressed by work and have felt generally calmer and able to think more clearly in pressure situations. My sleep pattern has also improved greatly. I have continued with reflexology treatment and as I have improved the sessions have not needed to be so frequent. Currently I just have a treatment once a month.
Reflexology has reduced my stress levels massively and i would recommend anyone suffering any type of stress to try it.
It is the most relaxing treatment I have ever experienced.

Testimonial May 2008 - Stress

Dear Janine
I would like to put in writing how pleased I have been with my treatments to date. My first one with you certainly changed my feelings during a time of great distress. As you know I had to place my mother in a Care Home, which resulted in a lot of stress both myself and with my sister. I found your approach so professional and talking to someone not related was a great bonus.
It lifted my stress following my treatment and my sister and I are yet again great friends. I have also noted that I am a lot more positive to life itself now. The treatments have always left me feeling totally relaxed and stress free.
Thank you once again. Regards

Testimonial May 2008 - Severe Neck & Back Pain

Since moving to Stapeley last year I have received regular treatments from Janine Young. Janine offers treatment in a wonderful tranquil, relaxing setting. She is totally committed to reflexology offering a service which is professional, confidential and above all caring.

Reflexology is a must try for those seeking an alternative to conventional drug treatments and those simply needing a de-stress.

For some 20 years I relied upon treatments such as osteopathy and physiotherapy to help relieve the symptoms and pain associated with back and neck problems. Following a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon I was advised not to undergo further osteopathy treatment for my condition. Having sought alternative treatments such as acupuncture and cranial osteopathy, both of which were unsuccessful, I turned to reflexology.

For the past 7 years I have endeavoured to have at least one treatment a month progressing to a weekly basis at times when my symptoms have worsened. In between times I use the reflexology points on my hands to help relieve pain.

Reflexology is a totally non invasive therapy with absolutely no side effects.
Not only has it helped me with pain management but it was also hugely successful in helping me cope with morning sickness (In actual fact I didn't have any!!)

I do not know or understand the reasons why reflexology works for me. I am just grateful that it does.

Testimonial April 2008 - Low Mood & Fatigue

I started having reflexology with Janine Young about six months ago. I was feeling very low and generally just 'run-down.'
Within a few sessions I was starting to feel much better in myself and had more energy. I have started exercising and drinking lots of water daily and I feel much better in myself. I could not recommend Janine strongly enough. She is a wonderful reflexologist and a great listener and friend. I feel that I am turning a corner in my general health and well-being and having been on and off anti-depressants for years I now feel less dependant on them. I swear it is all down to reflexology.
Thank you Janine...you're the best!

Testimonial March 2008 -During Pregnancy

I had reflexology with Janine when I was pregnant, and as well as other aches and pains, Janine was able to relieve the lower back pain so common during pregnancy. Sitting comfortably for an hour chatting to Janine while she worked her magic was a great escape from everyday issues - I always felt extremely relaxed afterwards, and then energised the next day. My birth was totally calm and I am sure the reason why my daughter is so chilled out is because of the treatments I had during the pregnancy. I would totally recommend it to anyone - pregnant or not.

Testimonial March 2008 - General

Hi Janine
I have been delighted with the results and rewards attained via your Reflexology treatments. Your professionalism and warmth are a great asset to the profession and I would thoroughly recommend the treatment to anybody. The therapy room itself is relaxing and comfortable which further helps to de-stress both mind and body. I had been suffering from kidney complaints and found reflexology beneficial in addressing the problem. Many thanks

Testimonial March 2008 - Stress & Sleep Problems

I have really enjoyed my reflexology treatments and feel that they have been very beneficial in decreasing stress, helping me sleep and generally improving my sense of well being. Janine is very calm, professional and welcoming and makes the whole experience very relaxing. I would recommend anyone to try a treatment, as I was amazed at how much difference they make.

Testimonial January 2008 - Stress & Back Pain

Janine is a very professional, knowledgeable person with the ability to give instant calm and reassurance. I visit Janine to control my stress levels, rid my back of pain and generally make myself feel better - like having an M.O.T. once a month! As good as acupuncture without having the needles!

Testimonial September 2007 - Stress & Sleep Issues

Having worked within the realms of healthcare and complementary therapies for many years I understand the immense benefit these therapies can offer. I have enjoyed the benefits of Reflezxology for a number of years now and when i relocated to the Nantwich area finding a reflexologist was high on my list of priorities.
With so many "therapists" out there it is very important to choose the right one. I find Janine very professional and a wonderful Reflexologist. She has created a wonderful relaxing environment at her clinic and as soon as I arrive i'm able to leave my worries behind and relax. I find my time there very de-stressing and usually have the best night's sleep of the month! The benefits to me are on both a physical and emotional level and reflexology has become a regular part of my life.
I would not hesitate in recommending Reflexology to anyone young or old, it may not be a panacea for all ills but its benefits are many.

Testimonial September 2007 - Post Epidural Back Pain

I have had reflexology regularly since giving birth, it has helped to get my body back in balance. It has especially helped with the back pain I have had from my epidural.

Testimonial October 2007

I began having reflexology from Janine in the summer. I first approached her because I was experiencing depression relating to my eating disorder. I have had counselling before that has been helpful, but wanted a treatment that was both relaxing and helpful to me. I have had eating issues and depression for about 15 years, sometimes coping and other times not coping. i had had reflexology for migraines about 10 years before and it had completely got rid of the migraines so I already knew how helpful reflexology was.

I phoned Janine and she immediately put me at my ease. I made an appointment for that week. She was friendly and approachable. I did not feel worried about the treatment at all. We had a short chat about why I wanted the treatment - Janine allowed me to share as much information as I wanted, but did not push me to talk more than I wanted.

The treatment was very relaxing and I felt totally comfortable. I have been having the sessions now for a number of weeks. I have noticed the difference in myself - I feel more relaxed and confident. I have had more energy and other people have noticed that I have been cheerful and chatty. I feel more confident around food and can relax when I go out for meals. I find I worry less and can put things into perspective more. I definitely think it is the combination of the therapeutic effects of Reflexology and the relaxation from the treatment that has caused this.

I would recommend reflexology with Janine any day! Or everyday if you've got the time!!

Testimonial October 2007 - Throughout Pregnancy and Labour

"I had reflexology every week throughout my pregnancy, it helped to keep my body balanced and kept me relaxed. the breathing techniques I practiced in reflexology helped me in labour. I strongly believe that reflexology has helped my new born be a very calm baby."

Testimonial December 2007 - Stress and Sleep Issues

Hi Janine

You asked me when I last visited you for treatment if I would put in writing the benefits I felt your reflexology sessions had given me.
As you know I am going through a divorce which is pretty stressful but hope will be finalised now early next year. However thanks to your skilled hands I noticed I have felt much more relaxed and able to cope. I found your calm friendly professional manner enabled me to talk freely unburdening myself of things i had previously bottled up and not felt able to tell anyone. Your advice take one step at a time and not to be too hard on myself etc I found particularly beneficial.
I noticed I had more energy, slept better and my circulation improved, I would certainly recommend the treatment which is deeply relaxing and enjoyable to anyone going through the throes of divorce or any stressful situation. I too would if I could start every day with a reflexology session. I shall soon be booking another for January!

With kind regards

Testimonial December 2007 - Fatigue & IBS

Thank you so much for what you have done for me already, am feeling brilliant and a lot better thanks to you working your magic on my feet. I look forward to having more sessions and to keep feeling this way, healthy for once.

Testimonial 6 January 2008 - Breathing Issues

Dear Janine

When I first met you at the Lodge Clinic I was inspired by you, the reflexology treatment I recieved was excellent, it was extremely professional and at that time it gave my immune system a real boost which it desperately needed, it improved my breathing performance and i had a sense of wellness for sometime.

My more recent contact with you and the several treatments I have received have really revived me, they have certainly increased my energy levels to withstand the extra commitments I temporarily took on board and now I feel much more relaxed and settled and able to focus my concentration more fully on my academic pursuits because I feel more centred and this I believe has been brought about by feeling healthier.

I have expressed to the many people that I come into contact with how beneficial a reflexology treatment is with you and can only endorse that people studying this subject should come to you as you make a good role model of "how a practitioner should practice". Just to add that over the years I have had many reflexology treatments so i feel I am rather a connoisseur and therefore can with confidence highly recommend others to come to you.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year and thanks ever so much for the treatments, I look forward to visiting you in the future.

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Qualifications and Memberships

Janine Young M.A.R.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Reflexology
  • Full Member of Association of Reflexologists
  • Member of NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners
  • CNHC Registered (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
  • V.R.T qualified (Vertical Reflexology Technique)
  • Qualified in Reflexology for Fertility & Maternity Care
  • Internal Verifier for Anne Hammond College of Complementary Healthcare, Knutsford.(Until 2009 when sadly Anne Hammond decided to retire and close the College after many years of pratising and teaching Reflexology)
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 & 11 qualified
  • First Aid in the Workplace qualified

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