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A Typical Session

What happens during a treatment?

Before the first treatment a full consultation and medical history will be taken, to determine your present and past health and lifestyle. Opposite you will see a picture of Janine's treatment room which client's find a very comfortable, calm and tranquil environment.

A Typical Session & Reflexology Articles. Reflexology Treatment

During the treatment some relaxing classical background music will be playing. The first part of a session involves a short foot massage to prepare the feet for the reflexology treatment, the massage helps to relax the patient, relax the foot and stimulate the body generally. The Reflexologist will then use their hands to apply a gentle pressure to the various specific reflex points on the feet to initiate more specific responses in the body. For each client the application and effect of the therapy is unique. A professionally trained therapist can detect subtle changes to specific points on the feet which can indicate an imbalance, and by working these points the corresponding organ or system of the body is affected.

How long does a treatment last?

The first treatment lasts for 1 1/2 hours, as this includes the initial consultation. Subsequent treatments last for an hour (or just slightly over if necessary). A course of treatments may be recommended depending on a client's particular needs.
We like to leave a small amount of time between each appointment, therefore if a client needs a little extra time at any particular session, we are able to give that; we find that our clients are very appreciative of this approach, and never feel rushed to accommodate the next patient.

How will I feel after the treatment?

Reflexology stimulates the body's own healing mechanism and is deeply relaxing.
After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very positive, definite way.

Most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation and sense of well being following a treatment.

Reflexology Articles

Focus on Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology is reflexology treatment aimed specifically at the whole maternity process from pre-conception and fertility issues through pregnancy to the post natal period. This short feature concentrates on maternity reflexology regarding pregnancy, with the next article looking at fertility issues and reflexology treatment through IVF and other assisted conception techniques.

Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments can shorten the duration of labour with many women requiring less pain relief and less intervention.
During pregnancy reflexology treatment can effectively relieve heartburn, back pain, headaches, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, swollen ankles, sciatica, constipation, cystitis and insomnia. In the post natal period many mothers experience an initial euphoria especially with their first baby and don't necessarily feel the need for reflexology treatment, however post natal treatment can be very effective in rebalancing the body after a great deal of physical and emotional change, it can also help to alleviate post natal issues such as stress and anxiety, constipation, inadequate lactation, low energy levels, post natal depression, backache, sleep problems, and hormonal issues.

Reflexology can also be used to start the labour process. I tend to see women for this reason because they want the labour to start naturally and want to avoid being induced. This is perfectly possible but is best not left to the last minute, the ideal is to start treatment at around 36-37 weeks and have treatments weekly, although if you are 38 or 39 weeks before starting, the frequency of treatment would generally need to be increased. These treatment regimes are not set in stone, every pregnancy is individual, and after completing a full consultation with you at the first treatment I would make my recommendations, and work with you on a treatment by treatment basis to achieve the required result.

I find once a mother-to-be has tried reflexology during a pregnancy, it is the first thing they think of having in subseqent pregnancies as well as recommending it to their pregnant friends. The treatment I give is medical or clinical reflexology, its primary aim is not to be a pampering treatment however it is a very calming and relaxing treatment for both mother and baby.
With many mothers commenting to me that following reflexology during pregnancy their babies are very calm and relaxed and have good sleep patterns.

If you are currently pregnant and feel reflexology could help you to have a happier and healthier pregnancy, with a shorter labour requiring less pain relief; instead of putting your feet up, put them in the hands of a reflexologist.

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Focus on IVF Treatment

Starting a course of IVF or any assisted conception treatment can be extremely stressful and a challenging time for any couple. Whether you are having IVF or ICSI Treatment clinical reflexology could benefit you. Many clinics and hospitals are now offering ICSI(Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment instead of IVF as the success rate is believed to be better. In this process the best sperm are selected and injected into the eggs to fertilize them. From here onwards I will refer to either treatment as IVF for simplicity.

If you have already had one or even more unsuccessful cycles of IVF you will know just how stressful the whole process can be, and how much of a 'roller coaster' ride it can be with possible highs and lows at every stage of the process.

A Course of Reflexology treatment commencing before and continuing throughout the IVF process can be very beneficial in helping you feel less stressed, it can induce a feeling of deep relaxation which generally lasts longer than the actual treatment session itself. This complementary therapy will help you to cope better emotionally and physically before and during the fertility treatment.

I work with all my patients on a treatment by treatment basis, adjusting the treatment according to what is needed at that particular session, this is especially important when working with anyone undergoing IVF treatment, there will be lots of hormonal changes and emotional periods throughout the process and adaptation of the treatment can help you to cope with these more effectively.

Also throughout the IVF process your body will need to achieve certain things at certain points in time, and the reflexology treatment can help to achieve certain results if they are proving difficult, for example getting a period in the early stages of the process, getting a good quantity of follicles of the right size, achieving the optimum thickness for the uterus lining which encourages a successful implantation; these are just some key areas where reflexology can help. Throughout the course of treatment there will be focus given to the nervous, endocrine and reproductive systems to ensure they are working at their optimum level.

Obviously as with the whole IVF treatment itself there are no guarantees of success but putting your body into its most balanced state and achieving very deep relaxation will only help to maximize your chances of success.

I usually recommend patients have six sessions prior to starting IVF treatment and then continue with regular treatment throughout the process, however I will guide you as to the best treatment programme working with whatever constraints you may have. Sometimes I have worked with patients who have already started their IVF treatment before coming to me, and we have still managed to achieve a successful outcome. The exact treatment programme depends very much on the progress of the IVF treatment and therefore needs to be flexible, therefore for each patient it will be slightly different.

I have been treating IVF patients since 2006 and therefore have a wealth of experience working in this specialist area.

I have worked with patients who have had their IVF treatment with Clinics in Crewe/Liverpool, Liverpool, Manchester, Knutsford, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, and Nottingham. I have also worked with patients who have had IVF treatment abroad including Spain, Cyprus, the Czech Republic and South Africa.

As a sample, recent cases working in this area have brought the following results:-

i) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved July 2007.

ii) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved June 2008.

iii) After having a first IVF child, positive pregnancy test achieved September 2008.

iv) Pregnancy achieved through first attempt at IVF resulting in healthy baby girl born March 2009.

v) Twin pregnancy, one boy and one girl, very healthy twins born December 2009.

vi) Natural pregnancy achieved during the start of IVF process, healthy baby boy born January 2010.

vii) Natural pregnancy achieved just prior to commencing IVF treatment, healthy baby girl born January 2010.

viii) On the waiting list for donor egg IVF, achieved natural positive pregnancy test in June 2010. Healthy baby girl born February 2011.

ix) First attempt at IVF, a positive pregnancy test achieved in August 2010.

x) Frozen Embryo Transfer resulted in positive pregnancy test August 2010. (Two previous IVF attempts without reflexology treatment failed) As of February 2011 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Healthy twins, boy and girl born April 2011.

xi) Second attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved in June 2011.

xii) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved in August 2011.

xiii) Third attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test result achieved in October 2011, healthy baby boy born July 2012.

xiv) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved in November 2011, healthy baby boy born July 2012.

xv) Second attempt at IVF (First attempt produced a healthy baby girl) resulted in a twin pregnancy. Healthy baby boy and girl born October 2012.

xvi) Second attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved April 2012, baby boy born January 2013.

xvii) After several attempts at IVF, positive pregnancy test achieved August 2012, baby boy born May 2013.

xviii) Following 5 IUIs and 4 IVF cycles, all unsuccessful; the next cycle of IVF with reflexology resulted in a positive pregnancy test in November 2012 and healthy baby twins(Boy & Girl) born June 2013.

xix) First attempt at IVF resulted in a positive pregnancy test with healthy baby boy born January 2014.

xx) First attempt at IVF resulted in a positive pregnancy test in December 2013, baby girl born August 2014.

xxi) Following three failed IVF cycles, the next cycle of IVF together with reflexology resulted in a positive pregnancy test in March 2014. Healthy baby boy born October 2014.

xxii) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test in May 2014, healthy baby boy born January 2015.

xxiii) Second attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test in August 2014, healthy baby boy born April 2015.

xxiv) Second attempt at IVF, but first using reflexology achieved a positive pregnancy test September 2014, healthy baby girl born May 2015.

xxv) First attempt at IVF achieved a positive pregnancy test in February 2015, healthy baby boy born October 2015.

xxvi) First attempt at IVF, positive pregnancy test May 2015. Healthy baby born February 2016.

xxvii) After many attempts at IVF, a positive pregnancy test result in May 2016. Healthy baby boy born February 2016.

xxix) Positive pregnancy test September 2015. Healthy baby girl born May 2016.

xxx) Having been on the waiting list for IVF, achieved a positive pregnancy test naturally in January 2015, healthy baby girl born September 2015.

xxxi) About to start the IVF process and conceived naturally with the help of reflexology treatment. in January 2016.

xxxii) First attempt at IVF with reflexology treatment, positive pregnancy test June 2016.

xxxiv) First attempt for second IVF baby, positive pregnancy December 2016, baby boy born August 2017.


2018)Seven IVF babies born in 2018 including one set of twins

2019)Two IVF babies born this year.

2020) Five IVF pregnancies and births so far this year, including two sets of twins, with two further pregnancies in progress.

If you are about to undergo IVF treatment, or have already started the process and would like to discuss the possibility of reflexology treatment to support your IVF process then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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